What is an ARCHIVAL PRINT? Also known as giclée prints, or limited edition prints, these are long-lasting, high quality prints, carefully made one at a time. Have you ever bought a poster and noticed after a couple of years that the colors are totally faded? That's because it was a litho print, mass printed using 4 colors of dye inks. The limited edition prints offered here are made in my studio on an advanced printer that uses EIGHT PIGMENT inks, producing a depth and richness of color impossible with litho printing. Pigments are the color powders used in artist quality oil and acrylic paints, unlike the dye-based inks used in lithography. These inks are expensive, and are certified to be fade-resistant for eighty years. With several coats of UV resistant varnish the surface is sealed and protected for even longer. The paper and canvas is acid-free, which means it will not yellow or disintegrate over time. The tiny dots of pigment create very detailed and smooth effects, reproducing the painting very accurately, with great saturation.

Signing print photo

All prints are SIGNED and NUMBERED by the artist. All editions are strictly limited to a total of 190 prints. The numbering tradition is to write the total number of prints below a slash, and the upper number is the consecutive one in that total. Each print in the edition is identical, but only 190 will be made.