Jesus Meditating canvas

"White Stag" canvas print 35" x 49" on cradled box frame, the largest size available.

THE GALLERY WRAP CANVAS is the premium presentation of the painting. All canvas prints are hand-made by the artist, start to finish. Signed and numbered, each edition is limited to a total of 190 prints. The Gallery Wrap continues the image around the edges, eliminating the need for a frame.

The canvas is stretched over a hand-crafted box frame with 1 1/2 inch deep edges. Being a box frame means the canvas is backed by a tempered board, so it cannot be punctured or dented, unlike most stretched canvases (see photo below). The gallery wrap corners are carefully folded to be nearly invisible.

The archival pigment ink and acid-free canvas mean the vivid colors will not fade for 80 years. Four finish coats of UV resistant varnish impart a durable gloss finish that is safe to wipe clean. Shipped ready to hang with eyelets and wire attached. A certificate of authenticity with gold foil stamp is attached to the back side. Shipping costs are additional.

16" x 22" $291   18" x 25" $350
20" x 28" $422   24" x 34" $585
27" x 38" $676   31" x 43" $774
Sizes in inches


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