CANVAS PRINTS for the ultimate presentation...

Printed on top quality Lyve Canvas, trusted by fine art printers nationwide, these are the most durable and lovely prints available on the site. Colors are vivid, slightly softened by the subtle canvas texture. Each canvas is carefully hand-made by the artist for the customer, start to finish. Signed and numbered, each edition is limited to a total of 50 prints. Presented in the popular Gallery Wrap technique, the image continues around the edges in a mirrored fashion, eliminating the need for a frame.

The canvas is stretched over a hand-crafted box frame with 1 1/2 inch deep edges. Being a box frame means the canvas is backed by a tempered board, so it cannot be punctured or dented, unlike most stretched canvases. The gallery wrap corners are carefully folded to be nearly invisible. Four finish coats of UV resistant varnish give a durable gloss finish. Shipped ready to hang with eyelets and wire attached.. Archival pigment ink and acid-free canvas mean the vivid colors will not fade for 80 years. A certificate of authenticity with gold foil stamp is attached to the back side.

Canvas prints displayed

Shown displayed in Unity Temple, Santa Cruz, CA.

This view of the backside shows how the canvas is backed by hardboard, protecting it from inadvertent damage. A typical canvas has an open frame with the canvas stretched tightly across it, vulnerable to pokes and dents. Over time, problems may develop with humidity, causing sags or ripples.

This more time consuming technique has the canvas laminated with acid free adhesive to the board, perfectly flat but not under tension. The sides are pulled taut and the corners carefully folded to be nearly invisible. Larger sizes as shown here have diagonal bracing to keep the canvas flat against the wall.

Many artists job out their canvases to a printshop, rather than making and stretching themselves. Bruce takes pride in crafting each order individually, with the customer in mind.


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