50s diner view out

For the San Mateo Semicon tradeshow, 1989.

Trade show booth

For Japan Semicon show, 1990.

50s diner view inside

For Beijing Semicon tradeshow, 1989.

Movie posters altered

For Zurich, Switzerland Semicon show, 1990.

Semicon posters 1
Book covers by Bruce

BOOK COVERS can be commissioned with custom artwork or for existing art to be licensed. Years of experience with traditional painting media as well as computer graphics mean the art will be delivered as a digital file, optimized and color corrected for your use. Utlilizing his graphic design skills, full layout of type and image for covers is available.

Magazine covers by Bruce

MAGAZINE COVERS and SPOT ILLUSTRATIONS are another area of long experience. Bruce has produced many editorial illustrations and black and white line drawings for technical sheets and products for catalogs.

Brochures by Bruce

BUSINESS CARDS and BROCHURES are also offered. Sitting down together to arrive at a concept is the first step. After that, digital mockups can be sent back and forth as email attachments until a good solution is arrived at. A final, press-ready digital file is then prepared and sent to a printer.

Gift products designed by Bruce

ART DIRECTION for GIFT MANUFACTURING. Ten years of working as an art director for a gift manufacturing company has brought familiarity with the complete process, from concept, to mockup, to file preparation, to working with factories in China. Bruce has placed his own and other artist's work on umbrellas, tote bags, cosmetic bags, tiles, mugs and many other items. Relationships have been forged with overseas partners that can help in avoiding the many pitfalls in this complex process.

Illustration by Bruce

LARGE SCALE GRAPHICS. Illustrating for trade show booths requires using Illustrator software that scales as large as needed without losing crisp edges. Bruce is expert at creating highly realistic renderings based on photographs to satisfy the demands of companies displaying their goods at trade shows. To see more examples and close-up details of other billboard sized illustrations, click HERE.

Posters and Labels by Bruce

ILLUSTRATION for LABELS and POSTERS. Utiliziing a range of techniques, from oil paint on canvas to airbrushed acrylics to fully digital graphics, any spark of an idea can be expanded to a fully realized image, ready to be commercially reproduced. To see more examples and close-up details, click HERE.