Photo of Bruce Harman

Bruce Harman is a professional artist in Santa Cruz, CA. He received his B.F.A. in Printmaking from Philadelphia College of Art in 1980. Illustration work followed after moving to Santa Cruz, specializing in airbrush techniques. His highly detailed and accurate depictions can be seen on book and CD covers as well as umbrellas, totes and a variety of other gift items.

Also skilled in the digital realm, Bruce is well versed in Photoshop and Illustrator, having years of experience working in those programs. Many projects will involve the computer in the early stages, and finalize with hand brushwork.

Digital photography is a recent endeavor, with an emphasis on close-up views of plant life. Using a computer and a modified scanner, he has been exploring his fascination with the Plant Kingdom.Click the PHOTOGRAPHs link above to see this work.

Bruce Harman's personal work is centered on the spiritual realm. Paintings of mythic figures, inspired teachers, goddesses and dolphins can be found on his website:

Illustrations by Harman

"Painting brings life to a surface! The energy and intention of the artist actually imbues the formerly dull plane with an essence that is impossible to describe."