Bruce Harman brings many years of experience to creating custom artwork for his clients. The inspiration to have a mural painted sometimes starts with a clear idea, but ocassionally with no idea at all! Sitting down together and discussing favorite images and feelings can be fun, and the collaboration quickly leads to sketches. After a bid has been agreed upon, a detailed rendering is made for final approval before starting to paint. Bruce's specialty is scenes from nature and fantasy, but he is also comfortable painting abstract or purely decorative murals. If you can imagine it, he can paint it...

Initially, planning the mural involves taking photos of the site and using Photoshop to create a close approximation of how the mural will look on its wall. This image is signed off on so there are no surprises down the road! Creating a removeable mural is easy, the work is done in the studio on a thin but durable substrate and attached to the wall. If the subject lends itself to it, airbrush is employed. Airbrush can give startling realism to an image, or simply add a smooth gradient color as needed. Only the finest artist-grade paints are used. Finally, the mural is given a varnish coat for lasting protection.

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"Moray Eel signal box mural