TRAFFIC SIGNAL BOXES are found on most corners with street lights. When painted by artists, the incidence of graffiti is markedly reduced.

The City of Capitola decided to have these eight boxes painted by one artist, rather than a variety. My theme was the sea life of the Monterey Bay, and to make the boxes as large aquariums on a green cloth covered table. More boxes I have painted on the next page.

Moray Eel signal box mural

Moray Eel. Located at 38th and Capitola Road

Dolphins signal box mural

Bottlenose Dolphins. Located at 41st Ave main entrance to Capitola Mall.

Garibaldi Signal Box Mural

Garibaldi. Located at Clares St and Capitola Road.

Starfish Signal Box Mural

Starfish & Humpback & Nemo. Located at 41st Ave and Brommer St.

Jellyfish Signal Box Mural

Sea Nettles. Located at Capitola Road and 30th.

Sea Lion Signal Box Mural

Sea Lion. Located at 41st Ave and Capitola Road.

Sea Otter Signal Box Mural

Sea Otter. Located at 41st Ave and Clares St.


Striped Bass